Tapestry crochet is similar to regular crochet, except that one or more yarns are carried while another is crocheted. The colors are usually switched before completing the stitch. The finished pieces look woven instead of crocheted. I prefer to use the single crochet stitch, but other stitches may also be used.

This blog is “. . . the rest of the story” – tapestry crochet history, variations of the technique around world, artist profiles, conferences, design, and whatever else I discover!

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  1. Helo,
    I found your blog as I have been researching for a project we are working on in our fishing village in Cordova, Alaska. We are spondoring an event next summer called Net Loft Fiber & Friends:FisherFolk where we will be sharing the ast traditions and connections between fishing and knittingas well as attempting to cloth our current fishing fleet in handknits carrying forward the heritage of the knitters of the past into an active and present fishing community. I saw that you had a Korsnas sweater and wondered if there was any way we could borrow it for ten days next summer to hang in our museum of fisherman sweaters for the week.You can contact me via email or call me at 907 317 2819. Thanks and kind regards,
    Dotty Widmann
    The Net Loft (as in Fishing Nets)

  2. Cyndi says:

    I found this picture online (http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/scrunchies-5) I would love love love to make these but I can’t find a pattern. Is there any way to share one? These are beautiful!

  3. Olivia says:

    Hello i’m searching for the pattern of nina’s Fans bag But i cannot find it! I looked in the Pages that Named But i really Cannot find it! I Would love to Make this bag can you help me please

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