Sorry I’ve been MIA. I planned to blog in Ghana, but the internet connections were just too slow. Thanks to the internet, though, I was able to arrange two informal tapestry crochet classes before I left home. So along with my clothes and cameras, went thread, hooks, books, and project instructions.

Gladys and Regina tapestry crocheting.
Gladys and Regina were the first to try tapestry crochet (in Nungua). Although they had just recently learned to crochet, both young ladies were very excited to try something new.

The second group I taught is sponsored by Womens Trust in Pokuase. Jackie Abrams is helping them establish a cottage industry by teaching the Kami Ami how to crochet purses and baskets with strips cut from garbage bags.

Kami Ami Group in Pokuasi, Ghana
The Kami Ami were very interesting in learning how to do tapestry crochet.

Kami Ami Tapestry Crocheting
And they caught on fast!

“Kami ami” means “do it loose.” When Jackie first taught the ladies how to crochet, they were doing it too tightly, so they kept saying to each other, “kami ami.” Later, they adopted the name for their group!

Crochet Purse Gift from Tina Ankrah in Pokuase
Tina Ankrah presented me with one of the wonderful purses that she crocheted with plastic strips.

Jackie emailed me that the women (and a young boy who also caught on very quickly) were still tapestry crocheting and that they were incorporating it into the pieces crocheted with plastic strips, too! She promised to send pictures when she returns home, which I’ll share in another blog.

Waiting for a bus
Tapestry crocheting a cell phone bag while waiting for a bus.

All in all, I didn’t see much crochet in Ghana – just a few hats and bags here and there – but I did my best to spread the word by tapestry crocheting whenever and wherever I could. I’m hoping that more people will discover it and that the ones who learned this fabulous craft will teach lots and lots of their friends and families!

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  1. olivia_p says:

    wow Ghana, Carol, las fotos son de lo más interesante, la verdad es que tengo ganas de ver más, me imagino la felicidad y satisfacción de estas mujeres, a mi me hace tan feliz ganchillar…

  2. Mary Ann says:

    It sounds like you had a wonderful trip. The group sounds great! Not only are they learning tapestry crochet, they’re also recycling those plastic bags! Nice job!!

  3. Jackie recycled bags in the States but the Kami Ami are buying large plastic bags to cut strips from them.

  4. ginita de CHILE says:

    QUERIDA CAROL..ERES MARAVILLOSA….es muy emocionante ver como enseñas tu arte y cuán solidaria eres…….te sigo admirando cada día más..las felicito a todas ..CARIÑOS DESDE CHILE Y UN FUERTE ABRAZO..GINITA

  5. temilade says:

    hello. i am good at crochet and would like to help. i lie in adenta, a suurb of accra ghana. please send me an email.

  6. I’m in Kumasi now, but will be taking a bus to Accra on Saturday, then will fly home on Sunday. I taught a few young ladies in Ntonso how to tapestry crochet a cell phone bag and will blog about it when I get back home. It would be great if you could teach tapestry crochet, too! It’s a challenge to learn, but well worth the effort! Feel free to use any of the free patterns and tutorials on my web page for your own classes.

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