Handy Blocking

The brand new UK magazine, Inside Crochet, includes the pattern for this Handy Basket (tapestry crocheted with Size 18 La Espiga Omega Nylon). Why does it look so lumpy? Well, just about everything I tapestry crochet looks like that – until the last step of the process, “blocking”.

Handy Basket Before Blocking
Handy Basket before blocking.

My favorite blocking tool is a steam iron. Since nylon melts at high temperatures, it’s on the lowest setting that will allow steam to form. (Higher temperatures may be used with other fibers.) Steam is not absolutely necessary, but it makes blocking much easier.

Bottom of the Handy Basket
Blocking the bottom of the Handy Basket.

The iron may be placed directly onto the project, or a towel may be placed between the two to protect the surface of the fabric.

Blocking Handy Basket
Blocking the sides of the Handy Basket.

I press down hard – on the inside and outside – all around. Fortunately, this basket is large enough that the iron fits inside without a problem. (I insert a towel-covered can into smaller baskets to help support and shape them during blocking.)

Handy Waste Basket
Handy Basket after blocking.

Quite an improvement,  don’t you think?

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  1. Mary Beth says:

    Very cool! Glad to see your new pattern.

    I just bought a Rowenta pressure iron and steamer for around $150 that produces steam at very low temps. However it spits water badly and Rowenta has devised a new version for +/- $80 more that doesn’t have this problem. Low temp and high steam is a good thing. Just go for the more expensive one!

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