Kitty Bag Variations

A recent Kitty Bag Crochet Along in honor of Callee (aka Carol) at Happy Hookers hooked some more tapestry crocheters! Bob did a fantastic job posting a tutorial of his Kitty Bag in progress and offered lots of encouraging words and very helpful tips along the way. I especially love looking at the variations – different color combinations and straps and well – take a look-see for yourself at a few of them below!

Tapestry Crochet Kitty Bags by Callee
Here are Callee’s first Kitty Bags.

More of Callee’s Kitty Bags
More of Callee’s Kitty Bags.

Tapestry Crocheted Kitty Bag Variations
Some of Bob and DeAnna’s Kitty Bag variations.

A Perrrrfectly Wonderful Tapestry Crochet Kitty Bag
The original Perrrrfectly Wonderful Tapestry Crochet Kitty Bag.

Beth and Sally’s Kitty Bags
Beth and Sally’s Kitty Bags.

Mary Ann’s Kitty Bags
Ibby (aka Mary Ann) tapestry crocheted her Kitty Bags with Luster Sheen.

Jane’s Kitty Bag
Jane struggled with her Kitty Bag, but didn’t it turn out great?

If you’ve never tried tapestry crochet, I suggest you join Happy Hookers (just tell them I sent you so that the moderator knows you’re not a spammer) and then take a look at their many other tapestry crochet CALs, including my Horse Around Purse. I guarantee they’ll turn you into a HappyHooker, too!

8 Responses to “Kitty Bag Variations”

  1. eSS says:

    I love them !!!

  2. Mary Ann says:

    Everyone’s bags turned out great. I love all the differnt colors and materials that everyone used.

  3. Phuong says:

    so cuteeee

    can u share the chart?

    I wonder if i make it like a scarf @_@

  4. latifah says:

    It look so lovely. I would like to do it but no diagram or video. can you give me the diagram or video. If you dont mind

  5. The chart and instructions for the Kitty Bag are at There is no video, but a video for a bag with a similar construction is at

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