Challenge Accepted

I accepted another challenge – this time to crochet with a smaller hook into the back loop – which produced a fourth basket (below front center).

Experimental baskets

The same thread and instructions were followed to tapestry crochet these baskets, but the hook was inserted into the back loop to crochet the front 3 baskets and into both loops to crochet the basket in the back.

The cat does not slant on the basket crocheted by yarning under (left below), but slants slightly when tapestry crocheted yarning over with a smaller hook. The motifs do not slant as much as they do in the largest basket (above far left) that was crocheted yarning over with a size 1 steel hook, so the smaller stitch lessened the slant – but did not eliminate it.

Back loop under and over

Both baskets were tapestry crocheted into the back loop, but the basket on the left was crocheted with a size 1 steel hook yarning under while the basket on the right was crocheted with a size 4 steel hook yarning over.

I don’t understand how other back loop tapestry crocheters are able achieve vertical motifs while yarning over. Mysteries never cease. I hope someone out there in cyberland can enlighten me – but please – no more challenges for now!

5 Responses to “Challenge Accepted”

  1. Cora says:

    I need to figure this out. I tried tapestry crochet and had issues with it. Looks awesome!

  2. Kim Scullen says:

    Are you sure you don’t want another challenge? I’d love to see what difference BLO makes to the equation – if you yarn under when working under both loops, do you still get a slant? can you only eliminate the slant if you work BLO?

  3. AnjaVG says:

    We (who use mochila technique) get pretty straigth lines because we manipulate the stitches. Slightly pulling the ‘inner threads’ tight causes the stitches to slant to the left. Then we slide the stitches back to the right. It takes a bit of practice but gets lovely results. 🙂

  4. Danika says:

    Hello I’m using a program called stitch fiddle to create my graph but I am now trying tapestry after learning c2c they have many different graph and I am trying to figure out what would be the best graph to use the options are cross stitch with anchor/ DMC/ no preference our crochet graph that I used for c2c.

  5. Yafit says:

    Beautiful work. Thanks for sharing

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