Leftover Bag

What to do with yarn left over from other projects? How about using them to crochet this useful bag? The carried colors and tight stitches combine to form a sturdy fabric that does not need to be lined. Many types of threads or yarns could be used to make this bag. Although any number of contrasting colors would work, only four were used in this example; Coffee and Grape from the Geometry Tote and Bronze and Bone from the Handy Basket. Do you see where the Coffee ran out, just seven stitches before finishing the rim on the inside of the back handle? Such is life.

Leftover Bag

Leftover Bag, 12 1/2″ high (without the straps), Omega Espiga #18 nylon, 2014.

The flat oval spiral base is crocheted first, then when the diameter of the base is no longer increased, the edges of the spiral move upwards to form the walls. The motif is eight stitches wide, so the total number of stitches in the base is a multiple of eight. It is possible to make a variety of sizes with the same design motif simply by increasing or decreasing the size of the base.

This large, sturdy bag can be made from leftovers and hold them, too! It’s my newest pattern, with photos, tutorials, and graphs individually prepared for right-handed crocheters and left-handed crocheters.

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    absolutely beautiful

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