Spiral Coasters

My reversible Spiral Coasters pattern is one of more than 30 projects in Interweave’s 2015 Crochet Home! This fabulous special issue includes a variety of crochet techniques, including tapestry crochet, tunisian, fillet, and Bruges lace.


Front and back of Spiral Coasters, 4″ diameter, Nazli Gelin Garden size 3 cotton.

I hope you’ll take a look and give these coasters a try!

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  1. Denise Brown says:

    Hi Carole

    I am just coming to tapestry crochet and would love a copy of your book. However it is out of print (and in UK, nowhere second hand) and I was wondering whether you could persuade your publishers to re-print?? I struggle with e-books, liking the feel and solidity of the real thing.
    I came to this through a pretty circuitous route, but I recently discovered a lady with the handle Kiteweather and her marvellous rugs. I think they are tapestry, but I may be wrong as they have many colours per row. I wondered whether you have hear dog her and whether she is still producing. Her Etsy page seems to stop in 2009.

    Anyway, even if you can’t help, I love your work and hope to get even half as good

    best regards

    Denise (Brown)
    Derbyshire, UK

  2. Denise Brown says:

    Btw I know many of the patterns are available as digital download, but I was as much interested in the history etc as the patterns themselves

    thank you again

    D xx

  3. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to reprint More Tapestry Crochet, but perhaps you could find a used copy. Sites like abebooks.com have them and they ship everywhere. I still have lots of Bead & Felted Tapestry Crochet for sale.
    I stopped selling it myself because Amazon sells it for less, but I will put it back on my web page tomorrow for people who would like a signed copy or who live overseas. Thanks!

  4. daniellajoe says:

    Hello Carol!! I love your work and I am always “talking” about you on my blog….I hope to learn to do tapestry crochet one day 🙂

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