Candy Cane Stocking Pattern

I entered the world of tapestry crochet 34 years ago with the green and red stocking below. The Dad Candy Cane Stocking shows how much my crocheting has improved since then. I wasn’t happy with the toe of the first two stockings and I didn’t like how the stripes got closer together around the heel on Betty’s stocking, so I gave it another try. I’m very happy with the new and improved Candy Cane Stocking because it has a better toe and the same amount of stitches between each stripe.

Christmas Stockings

My first TC project, Betty Stocking, and Candy Cane Stocking for Dad.

The heel was the most difficult part for me to design and crochet. While most of the stocking is worked in rounds, the heel is worked back and forth in rows. My free video shows two ways to do what I call, “flat tapestry crochet”. This technique eliminates the ridges formed from working back and forth and always places the front of the stitches on the face of the fabric.

The heel of the Candy Cane Stocking was done with the flat tapestry crochet technique.

The heel of the Candy Cane Stocking done with the flat tapestry crochet technique.

The pattern and graphs for the Candy Cane Stocking (for both right handed and left handed crocheters) are in Edie Eckman‘s new Christmas Crochet for Hearth, Home, and Tree book. Alphabets for right and left handed crocheters are also included so that you can personalize your own stocking. I hope you’ll take a look at this wonderful book and give one or more of the 18 projects a try!

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  1. Nina Reiderman says:

    Perfectly solved the problem with the heel!

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