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Now that the first edition of my More Tapestry Crochet book is out of print, I decided to update it and sell the second edition through Amazon’s Kindle program.

Converting the book into a digital format was actually a LOT MORE work than I anticipated. After creating new graphs for left handed crocheters, colorizing most of the illustrations and replacing the black and white photos with color images – I had to resize all the text and pictures.

I performed the entire process myself, so I did not have to pay anyone to do that enormous task. I was surprised that it took almost as long to prepare the Kindle document as it did to lay out the original print version, though!

Digital conversion was quite a learning experience, especially after Amazon changed all the fonts to “Times” and split the words in large fonts to fit on the small screen. Fortunately, I was able to resize and resubmit an updated version – one of the many benefits of digital publishing. No more errata sheets since it’s easy to fix mistakes!

Another great advantage of digital publishing is that thousands of books do not have to be printed, stored, and shipped on demand. And – this digital edition includes links in the text to suppliers and to my online videos. Additionally, this e-book is for sale on sites in Europe, the Americas, and Asia!

The small size of the screen is not great, though. Hopefully, readers will use a larger screen than I did to read the Kindle edition. Also, hopefully, their screens will not be black and white because the color illustrations and pictures look fabulous!

Because the digital edition does not have printing and shipping costs, I was able to set the Kindle price at $9.99. I chose to let people who previously bought the print edition of More Tapestry Crochet from Amazon to be able to buy the Kindle edition for only $2.99. I also chose to let purchasers lend their copies to another person for two weeks. In addition, this digital book is included in Amazon’s lending library and has “text to speech” enabled, too.

Also – you don’t need an Amazon Kindle to read this ebook! With Amazon’s free App, you can read Kindle books on an Android phone or tablet, iPad, iPhone, Mac, Windows 8 PC or tablet, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone, too!

So, now it’s wait and see what happens! I look forward to hearing your opinions about this Kindle edition of More Tapestry Crochet.

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  1. Your work is beautiful. Love the digital edition.

  2. anni maver says:

    thank you so much, Carol, for making the book available on kindle!! i am traveling and didn’t bring your book with me, and love that it’s now available via my kindle! i did just order your bead tapestry book. i just can’t manage without some crochet books by my side!! i really appreciate you taking the time and energy to do the kindle version. i’m still working on getting my pieces just right but am relieved to see you also have to go through various trials and errors to get it just right. Are you giving any classes these days? Probably not on the west side of the country. Now that i have more free time, i really would love to take instruction as i’ve been self taught all these decades! Thanks for your continuous efforts to promote tapestry crochet. love your work and inspiration!

  3. Atlachinocolotl says:

    Congratulations! =)

  4. ana ramos leiva says:

    Los bolsos son espectaculares me gustaría saber el precio y si tenéis sucursal en España.
    Ana Ramos.

  5. Nina Reiderman says:

    It is a pity that I can not read in translation.This book is a wonderful!

  6. ana romjay says:

    Thank you! I love my Kindle, and I love tapestry crochet…and now have your book and a small tapestry crochet project with me everywhere I go.

  7. patricia says:

    i need to check it out, thanks Carol!! 🙂

  8. stella says:

    Y donde se compran los libros para tejer los bolsos. Vivo en Miami. Podrías enviarlo y cual es su precio

  9. Not only can you read kindle books on your phone or other little gadget, you can read them on your desktop. Get Amazon’s app and they even send you offers for free books on a regular basis.

    I don’t know if it’s possible to copy patterns onto paper if you get the patterns for Kindle.

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