It’s About Time

Tight tapestry crochet stitches with J&P Coats Crochet Nylon produces a very sturdy fabric – perfect for this clock face from the August 2009 issue of Crochet World. Tapestry crocheting with nylon is hard on the hands, but much easier with a hook with a handle.

Tapestry Crochet Clock Face
It’s About Time Tapestry Crochet Clock Face, 12 1/4″ diameter

There are two ways to display this timely piece. For the domed look seen above, a clock movement with a regular shaft that uses a size C battery is best, but for the flattened look below, the clock movement needs to have a 1 1/4″ long shaft to raise the hands high enough to clear the fabric. I bought my movement and the 5 3/4″ hands online from

Tapestry Crochet Clock Face

Time’s a wastin’! You need to take your time to give this project a try! (I couldn’t resist the puns – wait a minute – here comes another one!)

5 Responses to “It’s About Time”

  1. catty says:

    Very nice. It’s attractive and it does look sturdy.

  2. sheryl says:

    I love the slight bend of the arrows. It’s a time warp! :)

  3. The slight bend comes naturally with tapestry crochet. Thanks!

  4. Barbara says:

    I made this clock, but I can’t figure out how you attached the clock hands without them catching on the yarn of the piece. Did you use a fabric stiffener? What is the length of the minute hand?

    Thank you for any advice,
    Happy Thanksgiving,

    Barbara Ramsey

  5. I tapestry crocheted it with nylon and a tight stitch, so it turned out stiff. You could use a stiffener, if needed. The minute hand is 6 1/4″ long on my clock. Have you tried to bend the hands of your clock away from the yarn?

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