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It’s mostly through the internet that I’ve been able to share my love of tapestry crochet. In fact, without it, I never would have considered self publishing my More Tapestry Crochet, Bead & Felted Tapestry Crochet, and backstrap weaving books. A previous blog showed how it’s also enabled me to publish and sell individual online patterns.

My Tapestry Crochet Yahoo Group has introduced me to people around the world. If you’re not already a member, I hope you’ll join! It’s free and full of wonderful, sharing people who post pictures and ask and answer just about everything about tapestry crochet.

Ravelry is another fantastic online forum dedicated to all sorts of fiber arts and beyond. Information about all of my published tapestry crochet projects are on Ravelry. If you’re already a Raveler, then please consider joining the Tapestry Crochet group there, too!

The Crochet Classroom is a teaching forum for all types of crochet, including tapestry crochet.

Several other online groups, including Crochetville, are not exclusively about tapestry crochet, but some members post about it. All of these groups are free, but you need to apply to join.

My free videos on YouTube show how to design and bead tapestry crochet and how to bead tapestry crochet a basket (pattern instructions on page 11). Another video features tapestry crochet around the world.

And of course, there is my tapestry crochet web page – with links to my gallery, some free patterns that have links to tutorials, and more!

This, of course, is just the tip of the tapestry crochet iceberg! You will find lots more sites by searching “tapestry crochet” or “colorwork” or “jacquard crochet” or “intarsia crochet” or “korsnas crochet” or “fair isle crochet” or “hard crochet” or “crochet jacquard.”

Yes, the internet is the great enabler! Unfortunately, many of my friends and colleagues are internet phobic. I wish they would get over it and discover the charm and potential! I know I’m speaking to the choir, but that’s the great thing about this blog – I will do it because I can! What freedom!

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  1. This was so fun. Thanks Carol.

  2. i think that self-publishing is a tedious task because this would reuqire several skills that need to be mastered over time`~-

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