Diamonds Silk Scarf

This scarf has an interesting story. My daughter really liked the first one I tapestry crocheted a few years ago, so I told her she could have it after the pattern was published. She rarely likes what I make, so I was thrilled! A good sign, I thought.

Diamond Silk Scarves
The first and second scarves tapestry crocheted with Halcyon silk.

After first emailing a picture of the scarf to a magazine editor to see if she would be interested in publishing the instructions, I mailed it to her.  Whenever I inquired about whether a decision had been made, I was told, “not yet!” A year later, I found out that she was no longer with the magazine and that the scarf had been lost!

I crocheted the next one in another color. Kim Werker at Interweave Crochet magazine loved it as much as I did, but not my colors! No problem. I crocheted it for a third time with her colors.

Diamonds Silk Scarf
The pattern for this scarf is in the Winter 2007 Interweave Crochet.

In addition to the scarf pattern, the Winter issue also includes a wonderful feature about me by Michelle Wiener. So this story has a very happy ending. I hope you’ll tapestry crochet one – or two – or three – or more scarves, too!

ps: See the ICF house referred to in the Interweave article here.

8 Responses to “Diamonds Silk Scarf”

  1. Kelly says:

    I absolutely love your colors! Looking over the magazine last night I came to the conclusion that I must try this. I really liked the cat bag in one of the issues, and the article.

  2. Pam Gillette says:

    Excellent design and great article! -Pam

  3. Judy Grivas says:

    I loved this scarf, but want to look into substituting another yarn for the silk…something that will still give me the nice drape effect.

    I’ll be packing my issue of the magazine for reading on the plane tomorrow :>)

  4. Miriam says:

    I just walked in with my copy of the magazine. Your scarf definitely appealed to me right away – along with so many other things in this issue!
    I like reading the back-story on the scarf. It’s actually a good reminder not to let small things stop us!

  5. Jane says:

    I fond of square silk scarves! ))))) It’s so exciting…

  6. Dianne says:

    Carol, Your tapesty crochet is absolutely wonderful! Very inspiring – what a talented artist you are! And your poetry equally delightful. I will be back to visit this site regularly.

  7. This pattern is now available at my online store at for both right handed and left handed crocheters!

  8. I found your blog on Yahoo, I am very excited about this information, I am also very excited about green ICF homes, I will be checking on your blog very soon

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