Bamun Inspiration

I never copy exactly what I see. That would be unethical and too easy. Instead, I prefer to challenge myself by reinterpreting motifs and designs. So when Interweave asked me to write about and design a Bamum hat, I looked through my collection, chose a style, and took it from there.

My first attempt (bottom left) turned out too small. The octagonal top was produced by increasing in the same spot each time. I didn’t like the way the wedges lined up with the motifs and they were too large to allow for slight size adjustments, so I made the next one (bottom right) with several improvements.

Bamun inspired hats tapestry crocheted with Cotton Classic by Tahki.

I was happier with the second hat – so that’s the one you’ll find in Interweave’s 2012 Crochet Traditions. The circular top was produced by making more random increases. The motifs are small, so the circumference and height may be subtly changed by increasing or decreasing the number of motifs.

I’m not saying that the first hat is awful. In fact, it’s included in the upcoming Tennessee Association of Craft Artists Biennial Exhibition at the Tennessee State Museum! More about that later.

4 Responses to “Bamun Inspiration”

  1. Both are wonderful, but I love the idea that the smaller motifs make it easier to adjust sizing.

  2. Caroline says:

    These hats are gorgeous, and I also see them as crocheted boxes, waiting to be filled with treasures! I often use this stitch as a quick binding on many fabric items instead of blanket stitch. A hook is so much quicker than a needle!

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  4. Mary Kelly says:

    Love your designs…do you sell them? Great work! Mary

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