Jocelynn Brown

Jocelynn Brown is a very talented and creative journalist. Her column in The Detroit News includes a variety of media, but my favorite articles showcase some of her own tapestry crochet designs!

Hats, bag, and bowl by Jocelynn Brown, 2011 (photo: The Detroit News).

Jocelynn was nine years old when her mother taught her to crochet. She reminisced, “We’d spend hours together crocheting in front of the TV and sometimes on the back porch. I continued through my adulthood, designing and making hats, afghans and baby clothes.”

Hat designed by Jocelynn, 2012 (photo: The Detroit News).

Jocelynn tried to teach herself tapestry crochet in 2008, but didn’t really grasp it until last year. Since then, she’s been designing colorful hats and other accessories. Her goal now is to learn how to use graph paper so that she can add more shapes and motifs.

The instructions for the golf club cover below were included in Jocelynn’s A golf club cover for old times’ sake column in the February 3, 2012 Lifestyle section of The Detroit News. The golf club cover is also featured in her Crafting Blog.

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Jocelynn’s Golf Club Cover, 2012 (photo: The Detroit News).

Jocelynn Brown (photo: The Detroit News)

Jocelynn says, “I find tapestry crochet to be very relaxing, and I’m always planning my next project. Right now, I’m looking forward to making a summer tote with lots of jewel tones, using a mercerized cotton.” I’m really looking forward to seeing it. Hopefully, she’ll share it with us in another inspirational column!

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  1. I have been trying to get the instructions for your Golf Club Cover, 2012.
    Want to make them for my husband.
    Thank you,
    Vickie Tripler

  2. The instructions were in her one of her articles, but unfortunately, The Detroit News only keeps them online for a few months.

  3. Nice crochet work Jocelynn – will work for a good or bad hair day. Very creative!

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