My Latest Pattern

The first piece I ever felted is my newest published pattern! This versatile hat/basket would be a great introductory project because the easy motif is just white on white and blue on blue. Also, it is crocheted with a loose stitch, then felted in the washing machine. If that hat doesn’t fit after felting, it can always be a basket!

What’s so special about felted tapestry crochet? Well, the large, loose stitch makes it work up very quickly, the carried yarn adds bulk, and the pattern is incorporated into both sides of the fabric as it is tapestry crocheted. Felting the piece creates a full bodied patterned hat/basket.

Felted Tapestry Crochet Stripe Hat
The instructions for this felted tapestry crocheted hat were in the 2007 Black Purl Holiday Issue and right and left handed versions are now available on Patternfish.

Striped Tapestry Crochet Hat
The hat/basket before and after felting.

Sometimes it takes time to match a project with an editor – but it finally happened! So shall the first be last!

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  1. coco says:

    how do you felt an item? this is the first of me actually seeing this done….I always thouhgt the yarn was spun like that.

  2. There are several ways to felt wool, but the easiest way is to let the washing machine do it for you! Have you ever accidentally felted a wool sweater? Agitation in soapy hot water, then a cold rinse will do it every time!

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