Happy Day!

. . . I still have a dream . . . , tapestry crocheted cotton, 27″ x 56″, 1983.

The light blue background symbolizes water and green the land that both unite and divide us. The rows of people represent the different human races, which are all the same size – with their hearts in the same place. Large hearts form between them as they unite and hold hands in the top row.

While crocheting the figures, I deliberated about whose portrait to place above them. Who best promoted the idea of different types of people living and working together as equals in a peaceful world? After considering many famous mythological and real people, I realized it had to be Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

To design the face, I projected Dr. King’s image onto graph paper that I modified to accommodate the tall single crochet stitches.

The facial proportions were good, but the curves were not as smooth as they could have been. It was after this project that I designed tapestry crochet graph paper to better accommodate stitch shape and placement.

In front of the Lincoln Memorial in 1963, this great man shared his dream that “. . . all of God’s children, black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics, will be able to join hands . . .” This is my dream, too, that people around the world will learn not only to tolerate, but also to celebrate different points of view and beliefs.

Happy Martin Luther King Day! May it be peaceful and inspirational for you and the world.

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  1. Daniela says:

    Great work! ^_^
    I would like to ask about the yarn and crochet number that you used for this work.
    I am impressed.

    Kindest regards.

    • Unfortunately, the size 3 crochet cotton used for this piece is no longer made and I know of no equivalent. The thread was more tightly twisted than threads available now.

  2. Daniela says:

    Thank you for your answer.

    God bless you and your art.

  3. Holly Lockwood says:

    Is it possible to make wall hangings or other flat items without fringe? I tried avoiding fringe by using reverse crochet but found it too difficult to follow a multi-colored pattern. I’m right-handed. I tried crocheting left to right using my left hand in place of my right but was unable to do this. Your response would be greatly appreciated! Holly

  4. […] . . . I still have a dream . . . , tapestry crocheted cotton, 27″ x 56″, 1983. […]

  5. Kay Aram says:

    Hi Carol
    I am very keen to design my own tapestry crochet teddy bear bag in the round for a friend, but need to obtain some tapestry crochet graph paper. I tried downloading from your site but it appears to be very small or is A4 computer paper a sufficient size to work with? Is there any way I can either make it bigger or purchase this graph paper? Should I then just be able to draw/trace my teddy onto the paper and go from there?

  6. Did you follow the link in the text under the paper towards the bottom of my home page at http://www.tapestrycrochet.com/ to the paper that is around 4″ x 6″ in size? You can made several copies and tape them together, or go to the Files section of the Tapestry Crochet Yahoo Group at https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/TapestryCrochet/files and cut and paste the paper into a graphics program and make it the size you need.

    After making the paper the size you need, then you can draw the teddy bear onto it and either use it as your guide or transfer it to square-ruled paper, as I explain in my free “Tapestry Crochet Design” video on the top of my web page.

  7. Kay Aram says:

    Hi Carol

    Yes, I did download the graph paper from your tapestrycrochet.com site but it appeared to be very small. I’ll try expanding it and drawing my teddy on and go from there.

    You have totally inspired me with the tapestry crochet. I love the look and feel of the texture and having completed a kitty bag for myself I’m now working on one for my sister with each of the four rows of cats a different colour to match in with her favourite top.

    I’m in my very late 60s and have come back to crochet after a break of more than 30 years. I find that challenges like tapestry crochet, spiral crochet and new stitches are just what I need to keep my mind ticking over.

    Thanks for your help. I’ll let you know how the teddy bag goes 🙂

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