Tapestry Crochet in Turkey

My love of tapestry crochet and the internet have really expanded my world. Thanks to people like Marketta Luutonen, who teaches in the Master´s Program in Craft Design at the University of Joensuu in Helsinki and is the Managing Director of the Finnish Craft Organization, I learned that tapestry crochet is also done in southern Europe! Marketta has shared many of her tapestry crochet pictures with me, including the ones below from Turkey. You might recognize her name from some of her publications, including Decorative Crocheting (ISBN 951-96888-4-6).

Bags in Costume Museum, Turkey
Tapestry crocheted cotton bags that date to the 1800’s in the Costume Museum in Bursa.

Purse in Turkey
These crocheted bags are for sale in the Antique Market in Turkey.

Bag from Istanbul
Marketta bought this tapestry crocheted cotton bag in Istanbul.

You guessed it, I just added Turkey to the list of places that I MUST VISIT SOON!

4 Responses to “Tapestry Crochet in Turkey”

  1. Anu says:

    Beautiful! Very curious designs & distinctive color combos.
    I’ve added the link to the Tapestry Crochet open blog:

    Thanks for this.

  2. Fredda says:

    The colors are so vibrant. What fibers are used and do they differ by country/locality?

  3. Marketta says:

    I think, for the most they are cotton, but of course they have used the material they had. I can not say if the colours or motifs are different in different part of the country.
    Greetings Marketta

  4. Noemi says:

    Beautiful, the art and the artist. Please let me know where to learn the techniques. Thank you for everything. Noemí from Argentina.

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