Just in time!

If you like to crochet loosely – then this project is for you. It’s tapestry crocheted with Plymouth Galway worsted wool and a size K hook. Size 5 silver-lined gold beads add sparkle.

Both of the below baskets were crocheted following the same instructions, but the basket on the right was felted in a washing machine. Loose stitches, feltable yarn, washable beads (the color washes off some beads), a HOT soapy wash and cold rinse are the keys to successful bead felting.

Before felting (left) and after felting (right) Jack O’Lantern Baskets, 5 1/2″ high.

The Jack O’Lanterns are visible on the inside and outside! This online pattern is being sold by Patternfish for left handed crocheters and right handed crocheters – just in time for Halloween!

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  1. sajuki says:

    Amazing and so cute 😉

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