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I hate it that I’ve been too busy to blog, especially when there’s so much to share! Where to begin? Let me start with my trip to Asheville, NC, where I attended the WARP (Weave a Real Peace) conference in early May. It was exhilarating to be surrounded by so many inspirational women! Reconnecting with friends and making new ones was fabulous.

The day before leaving for Asheville, I realized that the amazing tapestry crocheter featured in one of my 2009 blogs lived there. So, I arranged to meet Esther at Earth Guild, where she works.

First she introduced me to her tapestry crochet hats. Esther is so creative and generous! For instance, she carries elastic in the last few rows for a better fit. What a great idea! (Esther’s pattern for the green and white pinwheel in the background of the picture below is part of her Tapestry Crochet Basics packet sold at Earth Guild.)

Esther with some of her tapestry crocheted hats at Earth Guild.
The rim is cinched in by decreasing stitches and by carrying elastic in the last few rows.

Esther also came up with a great way to carry both colors so that she can go back and forth between them without readjusting the yarns on her left hand between the changes. Tension is maintained by holding the yarns with the middle, ring, and little fingers of the left hand.

Esther holds the yarns in a way that allows her to quickly switch colors.

But the light bulb really went on when I noticed that her motifs don’t slant as much as mine. In fact, Esther made a special tapestry crochet graph paper with less slant.

The slant of the image is less noticeable!
Here is Esther’s graph paper and the tapestry crocheted motif.

What does she do differently? Let’s see if you can figure it out by looking at the photos below.

Esther crochets a little bit differently. Can you figure it out?
Notice how the hook goes under carried color to envelop it in the stitch.
Esther’s tapestry crochet technique is ingenious!

Did you see it? Instead of going under the yarn and grabbing it yarn from the back, she hooks it from the front! Eureka! I suspect that many Guatemalans tapestry crochet with Esther’s method because the motifs on most of the bags purchased down there do not slant very much. My next blog will explore these two methods more in depth.

You’ve probably also noticed Esther’s colorful yarn. Some of it is Earth Guild’s cotton Dragon Tail Yarn and the rest she dyes herself. Her hand painted yarns are sold at Earth Guild and her dying method is explained in her Tapestry Crochet: Basics, Bags, and Pouches packet sold at Earth Guild. It also includes stitch tutorials (her method for right and left-handed crocheters), patterns, design notes, several animal motifs, tapestry crochet graph paper, and tips.

Esther’s tapestry crochet is incredible!!!!

My only disappointment is that I didn’t schedule enough time to look at more of Esther’s amazing tapestry crocheted works of art!

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  1. judy says:

    Oh, my!!! What fantastic work – and I totally love her way of hiding the unused color. When my newest pup gets a bit older I’ll have to play!

  2. I updated this post because I just realized that Esther is still hooking the yarn on the top, but she’s grabbing it from the front instead of the back.

  3. Diana says:

    Glad you had a great time in Asheville. Esther is very talented, beautiful work. Her technique doesn’t look any different than mine. Off to explore Earth Guild the links. :-)

  4. This is how I hold my yarn and use my hook:
    Carrying and Changing Colors in Tapestry Crochet

  5. DK says:

    OK, that is just awesome. And the work you’ve photographed here is gorgeous.

  6. Kim C says:

    I am in love with that swirl patterned hat! I’ve been doing the rest of tapestry crochet instinctinvely since I was a child of about 8 or 10 years old, including crocheting over the unused yarn, but I never thought of pulling from under. I thought there was some mention somewhere of doing that making the warp too thick? Here is my real question though. It seems that going from under instead of over, would be easy to lose the yarn a lot, having to spend a lot of time repicking it up. How do you prevent this, or does it not seem to be a problem?

  7. I’m tapestry crocheting with Esther’s method now. It’s awkward, but has gotten easier with practice (like most new things). I don’t lose the yarn, but have to really concentrate so that I don’t start hooking it my usual way! I’ll blog about it next week and show how both methods slightly change the slant.

  8. ANA SALMASO says:


  9. Amazing and gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

  10. PJ says:

    breathtaking work!

  11. sally says:

    how did she do the black outline? Is she carrying two colors?

  12. anni maver says:

    i just love this art work and so sad that i missed it due to ignorance while in asheville last year. does she sell any patterns like what we see on the photos you’ve posted??

  13. anni maver says:

    so sorry for not reading carefully enough before asking my question! i see that you wrote of her available patterns, and in fact i ordered one today! thank you. ( i’m going to blame smartphone small screens for my error!) anni

  14. Lee Ann says:

    Wow, these tapestry crochet items are amazing!!!
    I love them all!! Esther does beautiful work. :)

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