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Biennial Award

Monday, September 24th, 2012

I was honored to have two of my tapestry crochet pieces accepted into the 2012 TACA Biennial: The Best of Tennessee Craft exhibit at the Tennessee State Museum in Nashville.

My Hat and Geometry Tote in TACA’s 2012 Biennial Exhibition.

Even better is that my Geometry Tote received a Purchase Award! I’m so excited that it’s now part of the Tennessee State Museum’s permanent collection. I blogged about this Tote earlier, when it was published in Crochet World and recently posted about the Hat, too.

The Biennial Exhibition runs through October 21 and the reception will be this Saturday, the 29th, from 6-9pm. I would love to see you there! If you can’t make it to the reception, you can still make it by crocheting your very own Geometry Tote from the instructions in the February 2011 issue of Crochet World.

Chattanooga Exhibit

Monday, March 7th, 2011

If you’re in southeastern Tennessee between March 28th and May 13th, please visit the Jewish Federation of Greater Chattanooga. Why? Because some of my tapestry crochet pieces have been included in an exhibit there based on the quote by Bertolt Brecht, “Art is not a mirror held up to reality, but a hammer with which to shape it.”

Four of the eight pieces of my Lessons Series included in the Drawn In exhibit.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it then, but if you’d like to see my tapestries and meet the other artists in the exhibit, Judith Mogul and Frances McDonald, you’re invited to attend the reception on Thursday, April 7th, at 5:30.

The Federation is located at 5461 North Terrace Road in Chattanooga, TN 37411. The exhibit hours are Monday through Thursday from 9:00 to 5:00 and Friday from 9:00 to 4:00. It will be closed on April 19th, 20th, 25th, and 26th. All of their programs and exhibits are open to everyone, regardless of religious affiliation.

The curator, Ann Treadwell, said she was “looking for three different ways in which artists can be ‘a hammer’.  First through the use of words in decision making (Carol’s pieces); second in acknowledging the love for cars that shapes us and that we should push back (Judith’s work); and third the use of the artist as a “conductor” to engage others in the creative thought process and thereby change their lives (Frances).” For more about the exhibit, please contact Ann at or (423) 493-0270, ext. 13.

Lodz Exhibit Wrap Up

Friday, May 29th, 2009

The plan for my exhibit was to bring the crocheted tapestries to Poland on the plane, help with the installation, travel while the show was up, repack everything, then fly back home. So far, the plan is working.

Most of the framed tapestries fit into our regular suitcases, but I purchased a mixer case for the large Mother’s Advice series. International flights allow each passenger 2 check-in bags free of charge and a carry-on, and Andrzej and I were able to fit everything into our bags, so I didn’t have to pay anything to ship the exhibit to and from Poland!

The packed exhibit.
All ready to go! Names make the bags easy to locate and help keep them from being misplaced.

A delayed flight made our connection tight – but we made it! My brother-in-law and sister-in-law met us at the Warsaw airport and then drove us to Lodz. I really lucked out when I remarried ten years ago. Not did I get a wonderful husband, but Andrzej comes from a very loving and accomplished family.

The installation.
Andrzej Kuab and his team
made quick work of the installation at the Central Museum of Textiles.

The Curator, Carol, and the Museum Director.
Curator Jolanta Piwonska, me, and Museum Director Norbert Zawisza next to the exhibition poster.

Lodz Textile Museum Opening
The public was very receptive during the opening! What a relief!

Since no one there understood how tapestry crochet was done, I demonstrated during the opening reception. They were not only amazed that my pieces were crocheted, but also surprised that there were no threads on the back.

Lodz Textile Museum Opening
When finished, this piece will be in my
Mother’s Advice Series.

My work fit in well with two other museum exhibits; a contemporary needlework exhibit that showcased Polish crochet, knitting, tatting, and cross stitch, and another exhibition that featured large, woven tapestries.

Lodz Needlework Exhibit.
A biennial contemporary Polish needlework exhibit at the Central Museum of Textiles in Lodz.

Contemporary Tapestry Exhibit
A contemporary woven tapestry exhibit at the Central Museum of Textiles.

The Curator arranged for me to see some early twentieth century crochet in the storage area of the museum. There was no tapestry crochet, but an interesting variety of crocheted edgings on handwoven towels, clothing, bedding, and tablecloths.

Handmade towel from Polesie, Poland.
The crocheted edging complements the bold geometric pattern of this handwoven linen towel from Polesie, Poland (dating to 1920-1930), in the collection of the Central Museum of Textiles.

Blouse from Chociw, Rawski, Poland
The crocheted borders and embroidery on this handwoven linen blouse (1938) from Chociw, Rawski region, Poland, in the collection of the Central Museum of Textiles, are exquisite!

Bed Spread from Debam Opoczynski, Poland
Crocheted borders surround this colorful handwoven wool bedspread (1955) from Deba, Opoczynski region, Poland, in the collection of the Central Museum of Textiles.

Below is one of the thirty six tapestries from the exhibit. It pretty much sums up my life because I worked a really long time before this could happen.

What Experience Taught Me from Lessons Series
What Experience Taught Me from my Lessons Series.

The exhibit came down today – and we fly home on Sunday. I love to get away, but am really looking forward to being home again – to catch up with everything that needs my attention – and so that I can plan my next adventure!

You’re invited!

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

Do you need an excuse to visit Poland? Well – here it is! You’re invited to my tapestry crochet exhibition at the Central Museum of Textiles in Lodz (pronounced woodg), Poland. It opens next week at 1 PM on Tuesday, May 12th, and will be up through May 28th.

Exhibition Invitation
Your official invitation.

The Harvest
The Harvest was inspired by Polish and Mexican icons, Mexican milagros, personal convictions, and childhood memories.

How did I get my tapestry crochet into such a prestigious venue? Well, when my sister-in-law brought me to the museum in 2001, I thought, “Wouldn’t it be great to have my work displayed here some day?”

When my husband and I began planning our next visit, I thought, “If I want an exhibit, then I need to make a proposal.” So I did – and the museum accepted it – and now you are invited to see it! They chose a very appropriate piece for the invitation – don’t you think?

Tapestry Crochet Exhibit

Monday, June 2nd, 2008

Sometimes it’s being in the right place at the right time or knowing the right people. Damon MacNaught recently asked me if I would like to exhibit some of my work over the summer at the Thigpen Library Gallery at Volunteer State Community College in Gallatin, Tennessee. Of course, I said, “Yes!” The show, which opens today, is a sampling of some of my earlier and later work.

Damon Installing Labels
The colors of each Lessons Series (1993-1994) piece reflect individual realizations. I didn’t notice which one Damon was labelling until I cropped the picture for this blog – a coincidence?

Damon and Shayna Installing my VSCC Tapestry Crochet Show
Damon and his wife, Shayna, made quick work of the installation.

Carol Ventura and Self Portrait
This Self Portrait (1982) is the first piece that I tapestry crocheted back and forth, switching hands and the end of every row.

Jane Armour, from the Thigpen Library, graciously accepted copies of my More Tapestry Crochet and Bead & Felted Tapestry Crochet books, which are on display (along with some book projects) in the glass case.

The public is invited to the exhibition and also to my 10am Tapestry Crochet lecture at the Thigpen Library on July 28th, the day we take down the show. So if you’re in the area between June 2nd and July 25th (or on July 28th), please stop by to experience CAROL VENTURA Tapestry Crochet!

Carol Ventura Exhibit at Volunteer State Community College
CAROL VENTURA Tapestry Crochet exhibition at the Thigpen Gallery.