Tapestry Crochet Video (and now in DVD) Reviews:

School Arts, Vol. 92, No. 8, April, 1993
This program illustrates the crochet techniques as applied to tapestry making - also known as Jacquard, Mosaic, or Hard Crochet, and it enables the craftsperson to create unique and sturdy clothing accessories, baskets and intricate wall hangings for only a few dollars worth of equipment. It differs from ordinary crochet in its texture, tension, and the way colors are worked. This program thoroughly illustrates the basics of tapestry crochet, and demonstrates how this technique can be used to make a variety of craft items. Well produced, and easy to follow, this videotape will be most helpful to anyone at or above middle school level interested in this technique or fiber arts in general.

Video Rating Guide for Libraries, Vol. 3, No. 2, Spring 1992
Audience: High School to Adult

This instructional video teaches the basics of tapestry crochet, which differs from normal crochet in texture, tension, and use of colors. The instructor, Carol Norton, who wrote a book of the same name, learned this technique in Guatemala; Guatemalan men crochet their own bags, which are a part of their working wardrobe. The bags created using this technique are heavier than normal crochet and often have complex designs worked into the fabric.
    Norton is a very good instructor; each technique is clearly demonstrated. She begins with an explanation of materials needed for the simple project, which can be completed using the video as guidance. She then demonstrates the basic crochet stitches and techniques. The creation of an eyeglass case with a simple, two-color design is followed by sections on blocking, increasing and decreasing stitches to create shapes, spirals, flat tapestry crochet, and borders. the final section concentrates of designing tips; Norton explains her unique charting method that allows very precise reproduction of designs and photographic images.
    Video is the perfect medium for this type of instruction; sometimes even pictures in a book cannot adequately illustrate a needlework technique. there are close-up shots of all procedures needed to complete the stitches. Pauses are also suggested to practice some of the basic techniques. The instruction is aimed at the beginning crocheter, though as an experienced crocheter, I would want to start with some practice in basic crochet stitches before moving on to this technique. Two pages of supplemental information accompany the video. The video does include page-number references to the Tapestry Crochet book, which must be purchased separately. the video stands alone, but the book could be a useful adjunct.
    I highly recommend this video to public and school libraries where there is an interest in needlework techniques. This technique goes beyond craft to art, if the viewer is so inclined. Tracy Kaltenbrun

Library Journal, Vol. 117, No. 8, May 1, 1992
Carol Norton, who learned tapestry crochet while a Peace corps volunteer in Guatemala, introduces the basics as well as more advance techniques on this well-produced video. Even those who have not crocheted before would be able to follow directions for casting on, calculating, gauges, and basic stitches. The project, an eyeglass case, can be completed in a couple of hours and requires limited investment in materials and equipment Includes printed diagram of design). There are on-screen references to Norton's book, Tapestry Crochet (not seen). Good close-ups and clear directions compensate for Norton's rather flat delivery. Recommended for craft collections. Joan Greenberg, Upper Moreland Free P.L., Willow Grove, Pennsylvania

American Library Association, Vol. 88, No. 14, March 15, 1992
Tapestry crochet (still used by Guatemalan Indians to make decorative shoulder bags) has a texture, tension, and method of working in color that are different from regular crochet. Instructing viewers in this technique, Carol Norton creates an eyeglass case. Good camera work illuminates hand, hook, and yarn positions as Norton demonstrates and provides easy-to-follow instructions for the basic stitches, checking the gauge, and blocking the finished products. During her relaxed presentation, the published author suggests other possible projects. Title screens permit easy access to this well-produced craft video. Ages 12-adult. Nancy McCray

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This video teaches the basics of tapestry crochet while making a two color eyeglass case. By increasing the number of stitches, these techniques may be used to crochet a change purse, shoulder bag, or pillow.

The Tapestry Crochet video and DVD are available from Yarn Barn or call (800) 468-0035. 

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