Tapestry Crochet Book Projects:

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Tapestry Crochet teaches the basics and presents information to help readers design their own motifs. The instructions are for both right-handed crocheters and left-handed crocheters. The 10 projects (with instructions without abbreviations) include a pillow, bags, baskets, and tapestries. Please look at the errata sheet! This book is out of print, but is sometimes available from other sellers at Amazon.com You can read the book reviews here. The four rounds projects and the four spiral projects are now sold as downloadable PDF's for right handed and left handed crocheters (see below).
4 Rounds Projects
for Lefties
4 Rounds Projects for Righties 4 Spiral Projects
for Lefties
4 Spiral Projects
for Righties

Tapestry Crochet book errata sheet
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